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Sir Bruce Keogh NHS England Medical Director

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Maintaining Wheelchair Access

After notice was served unexpectedly by the incumbent provider, commissioners from five CCGs and NHS England Wessex Specialised Commissioning Team engaged SoEPS (South of England Procurement Services) to advise on the available procurement routes and overall strategy available to them and to facilitate a collaborative procurement process

Healthcare behind bars

The Health in the Justice System Team at NHS England engaged SoEPS in May 2013 to advise on the re-procurement of the healthcare contracts for three major London prisons in advance of the expiry of these contracts at the end of March 2014.

Continuing Health Care

The Continuing Health Care Agenda is an ongoing project in partnership with the Hampshire 5 CGGs. Read how we have streamlined the purchasing and saved over a quarter of a million pounds last year.


From a design point of view the ambulance has altered little in the past 30 years but are things about to change?


We are always trying to buy better. Read here how we train for continual improvement to help give the NHS an ever better deal when buying goods and services.

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