Andrew Elliott

Andrew transferred to SOEPS in October 2013 on the welcome takeover of the procurement for commissioning team in Sussex. Andrew started his career as a Network planner for BT, at the start of the liberalisation of the UK telecoms market, negotiating and implementing innovative network connections and services with emerging Network Operators. He later joined Telewest Communications (now known as Virgin Media) where he led the design and implementation of a new national voice network. Key responsibilities included technical contract management of relationships with other Network Partners. His career in the NHS started in 2008 and he now concentrates on procurement for commissioned healthcare services. His roles in the NHS have included PMO Manager and Programme Manager working in commissioning organisations.


During his career, Andrew has been involved in areas of development and innovation including, the setting up of a new department in a large Telecoms Operator while delivering substantial savings and experience of new service procurements in a Telecoms environment.


  • Student Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.
  • Procurement Lead for a large number of procurements.
  • Develops procurement approaches in a flexible way to suit different needs of each procurement.
  • Solid understanding of EU procurement regulations.
  • ITILv3 qualified.
  • Substantial level knowledge of Telecoms infrastructure and IT systems and software.
  • Office software to expert level, particularly Excel and Access.
  • MSP and Prince II Practitioner

Professional Experience

  • The creation and delivery of innovative procurement processes e.g. evaluation. .
  • The successful completion and award of procurements for commissioned services.
  • Projects with an individual value up to £60m
  • Client Relationship Management.
  • Project Implementations over multiple clients.
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