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Ian Grove 270IGCS Limited is a ‘Client Side’ prime contractor and corporate services provider for Health and Social Care organisations.

We work with health and social care organisations to effect positive transformational change  –  liaising with and bringing together the disparate organisations and stakeholders to make change happen.

A new strategic objective or a pan-organisational delivery – commercially complex, often technology centric, we facilitate delivery.

Providing Multi Specialism Programme Delivery via a single route to access the provision of strategic, high level, broad based and innovative services across a wide range of disciplines.

1. Transformational Projects

Related to significant internal organisational change including changes to structures, corporate systems or processes or external changes including functional redesign, delivery systems or means of engagement with stakeholders.

2. Client Side Advisory Services

The provision of advice, guidance and professional support focusing on the provision of high quality impartial and or functionally specific and or “expert” advice for the identification of innovative solutions and recommendations. Client-side advice at an early stage within a project to formulate transformational policy and provide strategic advice, through the design and change management phases.

3. Client Side Programme Delivery

The scope provides the flexibility for customers to procure a programme of work or project that will include the total life-cycle of the programme or project, for example this may take customers from transformational policy and strategic advice through the design phase, change management and implementation aspect to enable hand over to operating service delivery providers.

4. Multi-Disciplinary Deployment of Resources

The functional specialisms required will vary between programmes and projects and will be advised by the client at the point of procurement. However, to illustrate and give an indication of the type and nature of these requirements, those most commonly required to date, (which may not materialise in the future) are referred to as follows::

– Policy Formulation
– Strategic Advice and Implementation
– Programme and Project Management Delivery
– Organisational and Change Management
– ICT Client Side Advice
– Human Resources
– Procurement
– Finance

Additionally, there may be other skills and disciplines that may be required to support these programmes or projects that will be further specified at the point of procurement.

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