Rob Knott – Procurement Consultant

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A highly effective leader in driving the transformation of significant commercial, procurement and supply management operations in prominent organisations in both the public and private sectors. In the public sector, [...read more]

Ian Baker – WebUK

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Web Uk offers complete bespoke website design solutions to corporate and public clients. No two web strategies are the same so we dispense with a formulaic and template approach and offer a completely personal and individual solution tailored to your needs. [...read more]

Ian Grove – IGCS LTD

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IGCS Limited is a 'Client Side' prime contractor and corporate services provider for Health and Social Care organisations - we work with health and social care organisations to effect positive transformational change. [...read more]

Carl Hooper – Procurement Consultant

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A senior procurement professional with over 17 years procurement experience, with a highly successful track record of achievement in both the public and private sectors. Leadership for procurement teams and [...read more]

Darren Rees – Procurement Consultant

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A highly skilled and experienced procurement consultant with extensive experience of all aspects of NHS and public sector procurement including; EU tenders and negotiations, experience of all OJEU processes, procurement [...read more]

Daniel Tagg – Procurement Consultant

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A highly skilled, professionally and academically qualified purchasing professional with multiple industry experience in the process of full private and EU tendering, supply chain management including a wide variety of [...read more]

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