Chris McCarthy

Chris transferred to SOEPS in October 2013 on the welcome takeover of the procurement for commissioning team in Sussex. Chris started his commercial career as a dealer in the London Commodity Exchange Market where he traded in futures and physical commodities, and foreign exchange. This led to Chris working for Pirelli as a Buying Manager and to professional study for full membership of CIPS. His career in the NHS started in 1990 and he now concentrates on procurement for commissioned healthcare services. His roles in the NHS have included Procurement Officer, Materials Manager, Supplies Manager, Commercial Services Manager, and Head of Procurement working in acute, community, and commissioning organisations.


During his career, Chris has been involved in areas of procurement and logistics development and innovation in the NHS including; materials management development in several acute hospitals, the setting up of a new procurement department in a large independent hospital while delivering substantial savings, and the modernisation of the procurement function of an NHS Trust while introducing new efficient ways of working that delivered substantial one off and on-going savings.

Before his current role involving procurement for commissioned services, Chris joined East Sussex commissioning organisations where he developed and introduced procurement for commissioning in the county. This required new ways of undertaking procurement projects that were sympathetic to the specialist needs of commissioners, particularly when considering the evolving legal infrastructure, government policies and emerging provider market.


  • Fully qualified Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.
  • Procurement Lead for a large number of procurements.
  • Strong focus on developing procurement approaches in a flexible way to suit different needs of each procurement.
  • A thorough knowledge of procurement EU regulations.
  • Experienced in the procurement of healthcare provider services as well as traditional goods and services for a variety of different NHS bodies.
  • Substantial knowledge of IT systems and software for the execution of procurement projects.

Professional Experience

  • The creation and delivery of innovative procurement methods e.g. including hybrid approaches and involving dialogue..
  • The set up of and execution of a professional procurement service for healthcare provider services.
  • The successful completion and award of procurements for commissioned services.
  • Projects with an individual value of over £200m.
  • The drafting and delivery of training – with the aim of supporting project team members to fulfil their role to the maximum.
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