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If you can’t find the answers to any questions please call us and we will happily answer them.

Our most powerful specialist skill is aggregated collaborative procurement. In short this describes the partnerships we form with other procurement hubs in order to maximise our buying power. We believe that collaborative procurement is critical in helping health care organisations deliver better and more cost efficient services. Our professional support services benefit our customers and their patients by improving services and driving down costs.

We supply a range of procurement services for the NHS.

Please see our Services Section which explains in more detail. In short we offer a complete service or specific assistance to our clients when they wish to buy goods or services.

We ensure that clients get best value for money, that they abide by all compliancy rules as set out by the governing bodies, that their contracts are legally sound, that sustainability values are met and that the ultimate goal of clinical excellence is guaranteed. By using our services our clients will save money, time and stress.

The easiest way to become a client is to talk to us. You can talk to Alan Hoskins our Director or any of of our Heads of Procurement.

All contacts details are in the Contact Section of this website. Alternatively you can email us on

Yes, we agree a service level agreement with our clients which is customised to meet the requirements of the individual client.

No commitment is required, we work as a partner to our clients. However, commitment on periods or projects will enable SoEPS to employ sufficient resource to meet the client requirements, although services can be provided against a day rate schedule.

No, our Service level Agreement is customised to meet the requirements of individual clients.

There is no downside, we will ensure that you comply with Regulations which some Clients may find overwhelming and we will help you through it.

Provider Team – Nothing – subject to the OJEU requirements on public spending (money)

Commissioning – Nothing other than Services – which would require some high degree of specialist knowledge due to it being too complex or with too much details.

We use modern Business Intelligence software (which can be accessed directly by the client) to make regular reports to the client or through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and recorded on the Contracts database. Commissioners – use ‘current activity reporting’ (similar type of reporting software).

No, only when it is not physically possible to get a product within the specified timeframe e.g client wanted a train ticket by the next day and there was no way to get it to them within time.

Commissioners – We only advise on the most appropriate procurement route.

We certainly do and it is one of the most important additions to our services in recent years. Please read more here about our sustainable procurement policies.