Hip, Knee & Trauma Prostheses Tender – a collaborative regional approach

What were the objectives?

To procure cutting edge prostheses and equipment further improving patient outcomes.

To achieve significant cost savings across the largest regional category spend in response to Department of Health guidelines.

To ensure the excellent care standards in participating hospitals were maintained by giving clinical experts the best prostheses to work with whilst demonstrating value for money.

To ensure any transition was made without interruption to clinical services and standards.

To ensure competitive pricing based on volume discounts was achieved whilst securing NHS Terms and Conditions.

prosthetic knee round 2How did we add value to the customer?

Cost savings had to be achieved when sourcing clinically acceptable products from leading suppliers.
To do this, SOEPS adopted a collaborative strategy that encouraged competition in a larger regional market, forcing even incumbent suppliers to lower costs.

The importance of clinical engagement was recognised from the outset of this highly specialized and technical procurement. A highly effective stakeholder / procurement partnership strengthened bargaining power by combining medical and commercial expertise.

Our category approach allows our Procurement Specialists to develop specialist knowledge of the trauma and orthopaedic supplier marketplace and to build trust and excellent working relationships with stakeholders. Just
look at what one of our customers had to say.

Our unique “added value scheme” further promotes competition by allowing suppliers to attach innovative ideas to their bids with the aim of creating efficiencies throughout the term of the contract or solving significant issues in participating hospitals.

For example, this scheme allowed SOEPS to acquire a fleet of orthopaedic power tools, valued at £100,000, free of charge for the duration of the prostheses contract. As a direct result of this SOEPS initiative, the hospital in
question has more leading power tools available than they could afford, increasing procedure capacity and reducing elective waiting times.

What did we deliver?

The ambition to move this procurement into the regional market: promoting competition, delivering collaborative cost benefits and cost reduction among world leading suppliers.

This collaboration was regional in scope and involved NHS Trusts from Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Reading and North Hampshire including many of the major regional trauma centres of excellence. This procurement truly shaped orthopaedic healthcare in the South Central region.

Following the success of this procurement further NHS Trusts are expressing interest in working with SOEPS on future orthopaedic procurements.

A dedicated procurement team including an experienced Procurement Manager and Procurement Specialist.

On demand stakeholder and consultant engagement.

Significant cost savings equal to approximately 20% of the cumulative regional budget, without compromising on quality.

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