It’s not easy running a hospital. Only this week in January the only private company running an NHS hospital pulled out. The public sector doesn’t have that choice as we don’t answer to shareholders but to the taxpayer or the patient. But the point was made.

Running a hospital is tricky. Buying a hospital is even more so. And who would you leave that process to?

The Instruction

It’s a rare occassion to buy a hospital from scratch but it does happen and I would like to take you through the processes. I would like to show you the number of specialists that are needed.

But before I start I would like to mention that the specialists that are needed to buy a hospital are already working for us in SoEPS. They just haven’t had to buy a brand new hospital.

For this we have to assume that a population explosion has happened in the south of England and we have received an instruction from on high to buy a hospital from scratch.

That means we will have to find the right position, buy the land and apply for the right permissions to build a hospital. OK we know all this will probably take another ten years from now but please bear with me on this one. I want to show you that we can do this.

I won’t bog you down with detail and I will stick with the most important elements of buying a hospital.



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