Read how we strive for continual improvement

supply teacherAs an NHS procurement service our professional goal will always be to “buy better”. We are only as good as our last purchase.

We have been trained to purchase and to acquire sophisticated and complex goods and services. We understand what is needed in order to obtain an excellent outcome for the buyer who ultimately, and uniquely for us in the NHS, is always the Patient.

In addition to our professional training we have a commitment to continual “on the job” training as our task is unlike nearly all others in the professional procurement arena. In order for us to improve we embark on many in-house training schemes to develop our expertise in the various specialist areas we find ourselves in.

As medical science continues to evolve pressure mounts daily to adopt new methods and new remedies be they in the form of medicines, equipment or  new services. We have to keep up with this evolution in order to work in partnership with the medical teams we are committed to procure for.

The following are requirements we demand of ourselves in order to achieve the standards that you set for us :

  • Professional Qualifications
  • Associated to Professional Body with an ethos of Continual Improvement
  • Continual In-House Specialist Training
  • Commitment to maintain and improve long term relationships with suppliers
  • Commitment to maintain and improve long term relationships with clinicians
  • Commitment to form partnerships in collaborative procurement
  • Commitment to utilise aggregated procurement whenever possible
  • To imagine and to create new efficiencies wherever possible

This is our commitment to Buying Better at all times.

If you want to learn more about us, the Good Buyers, please call us today and we’ll be happy to tell you more about us and how we will be able to help you.



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