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Our services include end-to-end procurement services, strategic procurement across all sectors, supply chain management, advanced inventory management, legislative and legal procurement advice, procurement training, operational systems, data analysis and benchmarking via best in class tools. Read our Procurement Strategy 2014 – 2017

Strategic Procurement Tendering

Our most powerful specialist skill is aggregated collaborative procurement. In short this describes the partnerships we form with other procurement hubs in order to maximise our buying power. We believe that collaborative procurement is critical in helping health care organisations deliver better and more cost efficient services. Our professional support services benefit our customers and their patients by improving services and driving down costs.

Key Goals

  • Release Clinical resources back into patient care.
  • Maximise Value for Money
  • Provide a fluid and effective inventory management system to increase usage and costing data
  • Build and develop relationships
  • Reduce inventory in locations freeing up space and reducing wastage
  • Promote positivity and encourage open relationships with clients
  • Automate the supply chain by showing real time information to reduce overstocking and over spend
  • Adopt standards: GS1 can enhance efficiency, patient safety and compliance.
  • Build relationships with key staff.
  • Just in Time
  • Identify Waste
  • Liaise with Supplier ( Vendors ) on behalf of client
  • Hasten purchase orders
  • Reduce Inventory
  • Think Lean

National Frameworks

One of our strengths as a procurement team is to provide a bespoke and tailor made service to each of our clients. However it sometimes serves us well to adopt a national framework and we have a few that will suit a variety of purposes.

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First Line Legal Advice

SoEPS can provide access to In-house legal advice and information as a first line recourse in relation to

  • Procurement law and all Strategic Procurement activities
  • Commercial and contract law and other non-procurement legal issues
  • Contract drafting, review and risk assessment of contracts, terms and conditions and other agreements

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Specialist Procurement Support

Our team offers a wealth of specialist procurement skills to support commissioning group objectives. High value and complex purchasing requirements need the support of professional procurement services such as ours.

We can supply

  • Skills/competence reviews
  • Contract reviews
  • Risk assessments
  • Procurement and contracting strategies
  • Gap analyses
  • Specialist Support and Advice

Our team can offer this knowledge to commissioners throughout the project.

Commissioning Procurement

South of England Procurement Services, Commissioning Support, (SoEPSCS) facilitates procurement processes in partnership with Commissioning Support Units for Clinical Commissioning Groups within the South.

SoEPSCS offer an effective procurement process that promotes the commissioning of improved services & outcomes for patients. We define the most suitable route for procurement, advising CCGs in line with public procurement legislation, competition law and procurement, patient choice and competition. We also ensure legally defensible and compliant processes that facilitate better quality and outcomes and protect and promote right of patient choice.

Sustainable Procurement

SoEPS recognises the importance of Sustainable Development in creating a better quality of life now and for generations to come. We also recognise the need to align economic, social and environmental goals. A key element of our own sustainability policy is supporting the delivery of sustainable procurement not only through the suppliers that we contract directly with but also with the suppliers that our two main distributors/sourcing partners use (namely Buying Solutions/CCS and NHS Supply Chain). SoEPS policy also encompasses the policies of these two organisations.

SoEPS is committed to achieving value for money and delivering economic, environmental and social benefits through its procurement activities. SoEPSs ambition is to ensure that sustainable procurement is being consistently undertaken in practice across the organisation. Please click here to find out more about our sustainable procurement policies

Consulting and Project management

SoEPS provides procurement consultancy and project management services to a broad range of clients across the NHS and wider public sector.As an experienced procurement team moulded by an ethos of bespoke solutions to individual clients we undertake a wide variety of consultancy arrangements on a collaborative or associate basis.
The services we provide can be tailored from an initial market assessment to a full procurement project management. We can also provide qualified staff on a secondment or interim basis.

Contract Management

In addition to the use of frameworks we also manage contracts. SoEPS has a portfolio of existing frameworks and contracts in place.

These contracts require regular updating in terms of supplier management to ensure they continue to offer benefits to customers and we engage with stakeholders and suppliers to ensure that the contracts remain at optimum performance.

As each contract expires, projects are added to the work plan whilst we reassess the procurement options that may be affected by any changing market conditions. A new strategy is agreed and the project continues engagement with stakeholders to ensure the contracts continue to meet their requirements.

Catalogue management/eProcurement

Our online Procure to Pay (P2P) and eProcurement system provides a comprehensive service that includes raising electronic requisitions, the generation and dispatch of purchase orders and invoice payment.


Built on the skills and experiences of our team, along with simplified and automated process and enhanced reporting, NHS SBS P2P offers more than simply an invoice processing system. For example, our service includes an out of office function and escalation process to prevent delays. By applying leading edge thinking, processes, technology and best practice we deliver value across the NHS through:

  • online purchasing from national, regional and local catalogues
  • integrated solutions to NHS Supply Chain and other systems
  • reduced carbon footprint through paperless processing
  • building on the experience of a system used by over 20% of the NHS

eProcurement provides intelligent information, procurement dashboard, analysis and modelling tools and price comparator reports that deliver significant benefits, including:

  • a simple, easy to use web-retail style catalogue based shopping interface with goods ordered in 3 clicks
  • automatic email notifications for approvals
  • reduction in time between requisitioning goods or services and PO being dispatched to suppliers
  • requisitions forwarded online with a reminder after 3 days
  • approvals which are predefined by the client, to ensure the right person is contacted first time
  • no need to print and store requisitions

By supporting smarter buying initiatives across the NHS including Collaborative Procurement Hubs and NHS Supply Chain through shared catalogues, we allow clients to maximise the budgets and resources they use to buy goods and services.

Easier to use, faster and more efficient than a traditional paper-based system, eProcurement is also more accurate in terms of data capture and automates processing, reminders and other administrative tasks.

As a paperless system, NHS SBS eProcurement also helps NHS organisations meet their commitments to reduce energy use, and will be further developed to meet statutory obligations on reporting carbon footprint reduction.

Spend analysis

Business Intelligence & Data

Our Business intelligence (BI) is the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.

The data team are responsible for all the data extraction from the many systems we use, once source data has been gathered it is validated to ensure completeness and is used for all reports and the creation of KPIs against targets set in the clients’ SLA.

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