How we will treat you

We aim to build successful supplier relationships

We recognise that building good client-supplier relationships is good for both parties.

Whilst we hope that you will obtain fair and satisfactory rewards for your services or products we will also be trying to achieve the maximum value for the NHS.

This will not mean that we will attempt to extract all profits from you but that we will attempt to strike a happy balance for both parties.

Our procurement team meets regularly with our strategic suppliers to ensure that the products and services they provide are compliant with our policies and guidelines. This also gives us the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise and to look for further ways to improve how we work together for the benefit of our customers.

We  use a diverse range of suppliers and recognise that working with smaller and sometimes more local suppliers makes good business sense.

We will also encourage our suppliers to maintain the relationship by continually improving their performance. We will engage with you throughout the relationship, looking at both the social and environmental impacts of the services and products that are supplied to identify areas for improvement. By improving your credentials in this manner you can become more competitive when trying to secure new work with us for the benefit of our customers.

This is what underpins our philosophy in building beneficial long term relationships.

Please read:  SoEPS Procedures Manual

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