What we expect from you

1. Improve Value for Money

Demonstrate and continually strive to improve value for money
Actively seek to demonstrate and maximise results, and reduce costs through the life of the contract.
Price appropriately and honestly to reflect programme requirements and risks.
Proactively pursue continuous improvement to reduce waste and improve efficiency across your organisation.
Earning fair but not excessive rewards.

2. Act with Professionalism and Integrity

Being honest and realistic about capacity and capability when bidding.
Engage sub-contractors in a way that is consistent with SoEPS’s treatment of its own suppliers not only when bidding but also in subsequent contract delivery, and demonstrate this to SoEPS where required.
Apply a zero tolerance approach to corruption and fraud, with top-quality risk management.
Work collaboratively to build professional business relationships, including with SoEPS staff.
Act in a manner which supports the development of a mature business relationship with SoEPS.
Demonstrate clear, active commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

3. Deliver Transparency

Implement an open book approach, allowing and using scrutiny to learn and drive improvement.
Be transparent about costs to enable better decision making on value for money choices.
Publish information to show how and where SoEPS funding is being used and the results achieved.

4. Be Accountable

Take responsibility for ensuring the consistent delivery of high performance.
Apply pricing structures that align payments to results and reflect a more balanced share of performance risk.
Expect to be held to account for delivery and to accept responsibility for your role, including being honest when things go wrong so that lessons can be learned.

5. Align with SoEPS

Recognise SoEPS priorities and proactively reflect and support these in their work.
Apply a strong emphasis on building local capacity by proactively seeking ways to develop local markets and institutions and avoid the use of restrictive exclusivity agreements.
Openly share and transfer innovation and knowledge of what works to maximise overall development impact.
Accept that we work in challenging environments and act to manage uncertainty and change in a way which protects value for money.
Proactively support and implement our sustainability policy initiatives


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