An interview with Jackie Pomroy Head of Supply Chain

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK speaks to Jackie Pomroy, the 2015 Healthcare industry champion award winner, about the adoption of GS1 standards and their benefits to the healthcare industry

1. You were recently awarded the GS1 UK Healthcare industry champion award – what does this industry recognition award mean to you?

I am delighted and very proud to be recognised for having made a difference to the healthcare industry. It shows that hard work and dedication does pay off, as does caring for the people and industry you work in.

2. In a few words, what does the adoption of GS1 standards mean for the healthcare industry?

I believe full adoption of GS1 standards across the industry will enable us to increase patient safety, increase efficiency, whilst taking cost out of the supply chain.

3. How do they improve processes and save more lives?

Adopting GS1 standards ensures you streamline your processes and save more lives by increasing patient safety, giving the ability to track and trace every product to every patient.

4. What is your main goal – what do you aspire to achieve by adopting GS1 standards?

The implementation of GS1 standards contributes to all of our Trust’s strategic objectives and supports them in balancing the key priorities of patient safety, standards of healthcare and financial stability.

5. Do you think the healthcare industry is ready to collaborate to increase patient safety and enhance efficiency?

Yes, I think we are starting to see a big change and suppliers are engaging. Ultimately everyone’s focus should be the patient and better outcomes, so to be a supplier of the future it’s key that suppliers demonstrate their engagement with this program.

6. While implementing the use of GS1 standards did you encounter any challenges? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Yes, there were many challenges – these included cultural, data and the variation in types, standard and quality of barcodes. We spent a lot of time working with people to help them understand that change is key to the delivery of the benefits – and we focused on patient safety. Resolving our data issues involved a lot of work on our catalogues and involved us engaging with GS1 UK and talking to suppliers to raise the issues with barcodes.

7. If you had to choose one single benefit that GS1 standards have brought to the Trust, what would that be?

That would be the increased patient safety.

8. Lastly, was it a surprise when you found out you won?

It was a total surprise and a great honour.

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