Client Benefits

Save money, save time, eliminate stress, ensure compliance and guarantee a quality clinical outcome

Our clients benefit from savings via a wide range of contracts and frameworks that we put in place to cover clinical, corporate and health and social care procurement.

How we can save you money

One of our most effective methods of purchasing good value for our clients is the use of Aggregate Procurement.

Typically this is used where projects include high spend or high volume areas where substantial cash savings can be made by aggregating procurement on behalf of a number of stakeholders.

We group end users and budget holders to help drive these projects and to help achieve common goals. All resulting savings are measured and reported to the stakeholders.

When we add Collaborative Procurement, which accesses demand from across various regions throughout the UK, we become extremely powerful as purchasers with such added financial muscle.

Savings can also be derived by undertaking a competitive tendering process, or through re-negotiations with an incumbent supplier. Savings are recorded through a Ratification Report which confirms the procurement process, value of the awarded contract and savings forecasted at at the time of award.

In all instances the Directorate Accountant verifies the figures before we record the savings, and confirms if they are cash releasing (lower pricing) or cost avoidance (allowing the the budget to stretch further).

It’s not a question of “if” we can save you time it’s a question of “how much?”

With our expertise in all procurement issues we can potentially save you a massive amount of time. With our legal knowledge, market awareness, negotiating skills and general experience in the after sales market we can deal efficiently with any given procurement situation that will almost definitely take you a lot longer to conclude.

And even if we couldn’t do it any quicker how much time would we still save you? And wouldn’t that be clinical time?

Professional procurement partnerships will always benefit both patients and health care providers.

Reap the benefit of ongoing support of a professional procurement team.

As our clients we want you to take advantage of what we can provide for you.  This means that we can provide assistance to you all along the procurement journey and beyond. This can save you a lot of time and worry knowing that we can conduct all types of pre and post sales negotiations on your behalf.

Our expert team of procurement specialists provide advice and support to our members including tender and bidding support, consultancy, full procurement and project support or management.

Guaranteeing compliance

We cover the legal support we give to clients in other areas of this website as it is one of the most important aspects of the procurement process.

Too often in the past has the NHS been saddled with poor value contracts after ill advised purchasing contracts have been signed. This often leads to lifetime costs of a purchase well in excess of their normal commercial value. And all because commercial or legal advice was not sought before hand.

Furthermore SoEPS will ensure that all legal technicalities of the purchase are complied with. As a client you  will be able to sleep at night knowing that we have this covered.