Healthcare User Group – Driving understanding and best-practice


The Healthcare User Group (HUG) is made up of invited senior representatives from healthcare trade associations, providers, suppliers, solution and service companies and other related organisations. The group is chaired by Owen Inglis Humphrey from the Department of Health.

The objectives of the group are:
•To actively support and accelerate the adoption of GS1 standards throughout healthcare, by sharing learnings and best-practice solutions from local implementations
•To help healthcare providers comply with Unique Device Identification (UDI) and Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) regulations
•To identify and review opportunities that enhance efficiency and patient safety
•To provide feedback and advice on GS1 UK’s healthcare plans and activity
•To act as the UK point of contact for the GS1 Global Healthcare Group, and to provide feedback to the GS1 Global Standards Management Process

The group delivers:
•Education, advice and news on how best to implement GS1 standards across the UK healthcare sector, achieving optimal value for the NHS in terms of efficiency and patient safety
•Implementation support and compliance guidance for UDI and FMD regulations

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