Laura Hikes Race to the King Ultra Marathon

SoEPS Laura Ross, Assistant Procurement Specialist is a very keen animal lover. How do we know you ask? Well she (and friends) are planning to Hike 52 miles in the Ultra Marathon the Race to the King in only 24 hours in aid of the RSPCA.

Laura says “I used to work in the Wildlife Division and would like to help them with their operational costs. They rescue injured and orphaned wildlife, rehabilitate then release back to the wild.  This is on top of all the work they do with Animal Welfare for domestics and farm animals in the UK.”

She tells us that “Both of my dogs are rescue dogs, without organisations like the RSPCA they wouldn’t be louging on a sofa in their golden years like they are today!”

Laura’s colleagues here at SoEPS have rallied round to sponsor this worthwhile cause and anyone wishing to sponsor or donate should visit her Just Giving page at

We wish her Luck!