Press Release: SoEPS Lord Carter Response

SoEPS response to Lord Carter’s Final Report


8 February, 2016 10:16 AM


South of England Procurement Services (SoEPS) welcome Lord Carter’s Report and has worked closely with customers, SPP (Southern Procurement Partnership) and the DH to explore future operating models and capability within the system which we are heartened to see is a key direction of travel in this final report.


I had the opportunity last week to meet Lord Carter along with John Warrington and a colleague from SPP Andrew McMinn to discuss the report and the drivers to bring real change over a sustainable period. His hospitality stretched beyond just making us all feel at ease on a personal level with open discussions around the many topics with his depth of knowledge, focus and the passion that Lord Carter has was both inspiring and humbling.

Lord Carter’s final report maps out a direction of travel with recommendations very much in-line with the ‘Interim Report’ back in June 2015, providing Trusts with incentives to share the good practice which we know stretches much further across the NHS than is often reported.

Lord Carter’s recommendations encourage greater collaboration between Trusts and its partners at the highest and widest levels, something SoEPS has strived to achieve with all of its customers. It challenges Trust boards to take steps to improve performance and make the required investment in technology, improve the sharing of data, good practice across the sector and with industry.

Raising the profile of Procurement at Board level to show the commercial benefits that can be achieved is important in terms of the procurement landscape, the development of procurement capability and the delivery of significant cost improvement programmes whilst delivering the very best patient care as we demonstrate the benefits of GS1 and unique identification will have a significant impact on outcomes.

In conclusion, SoEPS welcomes the report, and in particular, the priority this will bring to Trusts and NHS organisations in focusing Executive teams on Procurement as a key enabler.

In my role as Learning and Development Lead for HCSA, I would also stress the investment in commercial and procurement skills networks needs to be sustained over the longer term and not, as so often is the case, made in the short term and without a plan to build for the future.

My team and I look forward to delivering against the challenges set out in this report for the common good of the NHS.


Alan Hoskins

 Director of Procurement & Commercial Services

South of England Procurement Services



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