Commercial Visitors

We all play a role…

…in protecting the safety of patients, staff and visitors. To support this, commercial visitors are required to comply with our access and safety policies. The IntelliCentrics SEC³URE service manages this on our behalf.

All commercial visitors are required to:

  • register with SEC³URE
  • fulfil our policy/credential requirements
  • check in and out, via SEC³URE, for each visit.

Already registered with SEC³URE?

Simply sign into your account, go to ‘My Hospitals’ and ensure that this facility is added to your ‘Current Hospitals’ list.

Not registered?

Click‘Register Now’ and you will be guided through a quickprocess to register and select the areas and facilities you wish to access. A Base Membership can be created at no charge. However, to access certain areas, you may be required to upload additional ‘credential’ documentation, which would require a paid-for Premium Membership.

IntelliCentrics SEC³URE Mobile App from IntelliCentrics UK on Vimeo.

Compliance with our policies
Our requirements will be shown on your SEC³URE home page. You can upload your own documentation easily, or the SEC³URE service offers a ‘corporate administrator’ functionality so that a nominated individual in your company can upload documents for multiple members. Please contact IntelliCentrics for more details.

Accessing the SEC³URE service
The service is available via the SEC³URE app (free on the App Store and Google Play) or at

For help, contact IntelliCentrics’ customer service: 0161 250 7533