Guidance for Suppliers

The Trust(s) works closely with its suppliers to deliver high quality healthcare services. A Supplier Access Policy operates to ensure that an effective partnership exists between all parties.

10 ‘Golden rules’ have been adopted.

  • The relative Trust Procurement Department is the first point of contact both for current; new and potential suppliers.
  • All supplier/company staff whilst on site must wear an ID badge with their name and company clearly visible.
  • Trust staff should seek advice and support from the relative Trust Procurement Department where there are issues/queries.
  • “Cold Calling” or visiting Wards/Departments without permission or an appointment is strictly prohibited.
  • Orders for goods or services must not be solicited from Trust staff – the only recognised documentation is an official order issued by the relative Trust Procurement Department.
  • Price/Commercial discussions can only be conducted in conjunction with the relative Trust Procurement Department.
  • Trust staff must not be offered samples of products unless by prior agreement with the relevant Trust Procurement Department.
  • Business gifts (other than items of a very small intrinsic value such as diaries or calendars) must not be offered and will not be accepted.
  • Items of Medical equipment loaned to the Trust will be subject at all times to our Medical Equipment Management procedures including indemnity arrangements.
  • Ensure professionalism and courtesy are shown and reciprocated at all times.