Supply Chain Management Primary Services

Supply Chain Team Primary Services

The Supply Chain Teams are located within the PHT & IOW Trusts and provide Supply Chain Management Services at customer locations and beyond.


We offer a suite of services and adaptations of the traditional ‘Materials Management’ ‘top-up’ service. This service has been enhanced over time to include the replenishment of any product used at ward/department level, not just those supplied via NHS Supply Chain and in some areas include the full implementation of an inventory management service. We are skilled and dedicated staff who, using our knowledge, experience and best practice, have a proven track record of reducing expenditure, waste and improving processes.

Our Key Goals

  • Release clinical resources back to patient care.
  • Maximise Value for money.
  • Provide a fluid and effective inventory management system to increase usage and costing data.
  • Build and develop relationships with all clients to improve service levels.
  • Reduce inventory in locations freeing up space and minimise wastage
  • Promote positivity and encourage open relationships with clients to work out what suits both parties involved.
  • Automate the supply chain: Lack of supply chain automation can lead to overstock & over spend.
  • Inventory management.
  • Systems provide real time information on usage and pricing.
  • Adopt Standards: The adoption of supply chain standards such as GS1 can enhance efficiency, patient safety and regulatory compliance.

* For more information please contact Melvyn Lake